Our Training Philosophy

Here at Dragon Horsemanship, we believe that communication is the most important aspect of any relationship, especially the relationship between you and your horse. We use the principles of behavioral science and learning theory to bridge the language barrier between horse and human, and show you how to train your horse effectively, in a way that is engaging and fun for you both.


TEME® Up With Your Horse! 

Management – managing unwanted behaviors is an important part of all training and behavior modification programs.

Environment – arrange your horses’ environment in a way that sets them up for success.

Enrichment – provide enrichment activities to prevent boredom and ensure your horses’ behavioral health.

Training – teach your horses the behaviors you want in ways that are fun, engaging, and easy for your horses to understand.

Trainer & Behavior Consultant

Michelle first started out working with horses at the age of 10, at a small farm near her home on Martha’s Vineyard. There were six equines on the farm. A mustang, the mustang’s baby (a mule), two BLM donkeys, a rescued off track thoroughbred , and a rescued Appaloosa. Originally stumbling on the place by chance and just asking to pet the horses, Michelle ended up working there as a barn hand for five years.

After leaving Martha’s Vineyard Michelle continued to work on and off as a barn hand . Michelle spent time at horse barns in Brazil and Arizona, as well as a brief 4 month stint with the Lipizzan Stallions in Sarasota, FL, before starting her career as a pet stylist in 1995.

In 2013, after becoming a certified dog trainer, Michelle once again stumbled back in to the world of horses via a friend and fellow trainer who also owned a pair of BLM mustangs. Having become fascinated with animal behavior during her dog training studies, Michelle began to focus her education on horse behavior and training. In 2014, Michelle completed courses in animal behavior & learning, as well as courses in equine behavior and psychology. Michelle has also completed the Technology of Taming course, given by Mustang Camp founder, Dr. Patricia Barlow-Irick.

Since 2013, Michelle has specialized in working with mustangs and their owners. She has also volunteered at various horse rescues throughout south east FL, including the SPCA’s equine facility in Miami.

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